Snow goggles That Adapt to Each Climate

Snow goggles That Adapt to Each Climate

When skiing or snowboarding, you have to play in nature in most cases, considering it depends on where you are, how the weather conditions are like, how you are personally feeling. Climate is constantly changing and this is something that cannot be helped. Hence, you will need to be accustomed to various situations. 

In some instances, you may need darker lens to suppress the glare of sunlight for sunny days, and a clearer lens will be required on cloudy weather.

Picking the wrong lens might result in a possible accident especially in unpredicatble conditions, but can we do about it? Weather in the mountains is always unstable and the best we can do is be prepared.

Snow goggles which are able to adopt a photochromic lens are really useful! Forget about bringing multiple pairs of eyewear, that’s already cumbersome enough! Photochromic lens color will automatically change depending on the amount of sunlight. It gives the wearer great comfort, it protects your eyes, and most of all, it is super convenient. 

Even if climate change rapidly, the photochromic lens can adapt to fit each situation accordingly.

SWANS has multiple snow goggle options for you to be spoilt for choice when it comes to photochromic lens. The Photochromic ULTRA light purple lens makes blurred bumpy snow surfaces more defined and versatile for every situation. Our snow goggles are best suited to enhance your performance and make your activity more enjoyable!

Check out SWANS snow goggles and find your best gear!

RACAN MDH-CU-LP Ice mirror x Photochromic ULTRA light purple

The snow goggle “RACAN” has a wider sight with superior anti-fog function and is also compatible with glasses. Adopting Photochromic ULTRA Light Purple lens.

RIDGELINE MDH-CU-LP Ice mirror x Photochromic UL light purple

The snow goggle “RIDGELINE” has a wider sight and is compatible with glasses. It equips unique ventilating function “A-Blow”. Adopting Photochromic ULTRA LENS.

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