How to Find the Best Professional Swimming Goggles for You

How Important Are Professional Swimming Goggles?

Apart from helping you see clearly while in the water and protect your eyes from the chlorine in the water, the professional swimming goggles are very important for those who want to take their swimming to the next level. They give a low profile fit that will help to reduce water drag and friction for a speedier swim. 

What Characteristics Should You Look for When Choosing Professional Swimming Goggles?

Some important characteristics to consider when choosing your performance goggles include adjustable and secure straps, eye gaskets with watertight seals to prevent water leaking in and a streamlined shape to minimize water drag. Select the right pair of performance goggles and you will be able to concentrate on your performance without unnecessary distractions. 

Clear lenses are ideal if you need maximum visibility, low light conditions, and don’t filter light giving an accurate representation of the light conditions. Colour-tinted lenses will filter bright light indoors and outside and are great for changeable weather. Smoke Lenses will reduce glare and are ideal for outdoor swimming. Mirrored lenses are also ideal for swimming outside in bright sunshine as they will reflect bright light.

Whatever you decide, make sure to take the time to try on a few different pairs and find the ones that are best for you.

What Are the Different Types of Professional Swimming Goggles?

When it comes to professional swimming goggles, there are three main types: racing goggles, open-water goggles, and triathlon goggles.

Racing goggles are designed for speed and streamlining. They’re smaller and more compact than other types of goggles, and they have a low profile that won’t slow you down.

Open-water goggles are made for use in bodies of water that aren’t completely sealed off from the open air. They have a larger lens to give you a greater field of vision, and they’re also designed to prevent fogging.

Triathlon goggles are a hybrid of the two previous types. They have a large lens like open-water goggles, but they’re also streamlined like racing goggles. This makes them ideal for use in all kinds of water conditions.

​​What Other Features to Consider

Here are a few other features to keep in mind when you’re shopping for professional swimming goggles:

1. Consider the type of material they’re made of. Some materials are more durable than others.

2. Check to see if the goggles are fog-proof. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to swim with foggy goggles.

Under the water with perfect anti-fog

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Goggles must fit!

The most important thing is finding a pair that fits your face and head properly. If the goggles are too tight or too loose, they’re not going to do their job and you’ll end up with a headache or water in your eyes.

Once you’ve found a pair of goggles that seem to fit well, it’s time to test them out. The best way to do this is to jump in the pool and see how they feel. If they’re comfortable and don’t leak, you’ve found yourself a winner!

swimmer with professional swimming goggles

When choosing a pair of professional swimming goggles, it all comes down to what fits your face and meets your needs. Take your time to find the right pair of professional swimming goggles.

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Low profile competition goggle with curved lens and Mirror Insert Technology(Toughness mirror coating)


Open water/Triathlon model with curved surface of the lens. It can broaden the visibility horizontally.

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