What is SWANS?

Hello! We are SWANS. We’re so pleased you’ve found us here. 

If you’re wondering, “What exactly is SWANS?” Well, we are here to introduce ourselves through this blog that we’ve just started. SWANS is a Japanese eyewear brand by Yamamoto Kogaku Co., Ltd, with our main office located in Osaka, Japan. We pride ourselves in supporting every one who loves and enjoys sports with high-quality products that compliment your sports activities. 

Back in 1911, we started out as a company producing safety glasses and shield glasses to protect the eye from powder and harmful light in the military and construction industries. Over 100 years later, we have evolved into a humble operation, brushing up our technology that allows us to control light and rays, and providing comfortable and aesthetically pleasing eyewear for users.

SWANS was founded in 1972, to cater to the sports audience. From the likes of sunglasses, goggles, helmets, eye guards, swimming caps, down to activity focus such as running, swimming, golf and skiing, our products maintain the precise and high quality standards of not just safety, but also provides functions and aesthetics for across the global market, for both leisure sports and professional athletes alike. 

Over 110 years later, we’re still at it and proud to be here with you. We have even modernized our main concept to now focus on “Comfortable Safety”. We are so excited to expand our reach out of Japan and into worldwide. Be it old friends or new, we look forward to meeting all of you. From here on out, get to know us a little better as we share our stories, some tongue-in-cheek tips for sports activities related, and opinion pieces from our friends while growing our SWANS community together. 

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