Important Pointers When Choosing Sunglasses for Fishing

wearing fishing sunglasses

Fishing as an outdoor sports has been making a comeback in the recent years. Depending on where and how you fish, there are various kinds of fishing styles. 

When fishing, one of the most important things to take note of is understanding the situation inside the water. For example, where you cast the lure, how your target is moving, the disposition of objectives, the list goes on. 

Wearing normal sunglasses is not enough for such purposes.

For such situations when it comes to fishing, polarized sunglasses are essential to remove the reflection of light from the water surface. As compared with normal sunglasses, polarized sunglasses will make an obvious difference when you see water and your surroundings. As a result, your vision becomes clearer and connects with enhancing your fishing skills. Perhaps it’ll boost catching the sight of the target accurately and casting the lure to where you aim? 😉

With SWANS sunglasses, there is an ULTRA for the FISHING lens which is specialized for river and lake fishing. At times, polarized sunglasses can make your sight darker too. However, the ULTRA for FISHING lens will constantly keep your sight clear and cuts the glare from the water surface.

Experience our sunglasses and enjoy your fishing experience with us! 

ER-1 ER1-0168 MBK Polarized ULTRA Light green

SWANS ER-1 is a sunglass for daily use with square frames and adjustable nose pads. It is recommended not only for sports but also for driving and leisure.

SWANS SPB SPB-0168 Polarized ULTRA Light green

SWANS SPB is a sunglass that provides a comfortable fit for both men and women.

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