Ski Goggles with OTG Design: Comfortable Skiing with Your Glasses On

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Do you wear glasses and have been wanting to hit the slopes? Well, don’t let your glasses hold you back. We have a solution for you. Ski goggles with OTG (Over The Glasses) design. It’s the best way for ski enthusiasts who wear glasses to still get the full experience of skiing without the worry of their glasses slipping or fogging up while they’re shredding the slopes.

With technology constantly improving, ski goggles companies have been able to create a great option that allows people with glasses to enjoy skiing without having to buy contacts or a different pair of goggles. 

What Are OTG Ski Goggles?

These goggles are designed to allow you to wear your everyday eyeglasses underneath your ski goggles for a snug, secure fit without compromising safety.

OTG ski goggles are constructed with an extra-wide frame and extended inner foam padding to provide an ultra-comfortable fit. The inner frame is sized to securely hold nearly all types of prescription glasses in place, so you can hit the slopes worry-free. Plus, these goggles offer a wide field of vision and larger lenses than other types of ski goggles, providing added protection against wind, snow, and glare—and maximum visibility so that you can hit those turns with confidence.

Benefits of OTG Ski Goggles

You know that skiing with glasses can be a real pain—they’re not designed to stay firmly in place and the danger of them falling off is too great. That’s why ski goggles are so important. But did you know that you don’t have to choose between skiing with either your glasses or your goggles? With OTG ski goggles, you get the best of both worlds.

OTG ski goggles let you see clearly by providing space for your glasses inside your ski mask. Not only that, but they also provide high-quality protection against wind and debris while on the slopes.

On top of all that, OTG ski goggles come with special features like dual-layer lenses, anti-fog technology, and adjustable straps — all designed to provide superior visibility and comfort while skiing. With this special design, skiing can finally be a stress-free experience for both amateur and professional skiers alike.

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Features to Look Out for When Buying OTG Ski Goggles

When you’re buying ski goggles with OTG design, there are a few features to look out for.

Frame Design

OTG ski goggles should have a frame design that holds the goggle securely against your face and allows plenty of room for your glasses. The frame should be comfortable, flexible, and form-fitting to provide good protection against the elements.

Ventilation System

It’s important to choose a goggle with an efficient ventilation system so that your lenses don’t fog up while skiing. The ventilation system should be capable of drawing in fresh air from the top, bottom, and sides and channeling out hot air from inside the goggle.

Lens Color & Optical Quality

The lens color you choose depends on the light intensity you will be facing during your ski session. For bright days with plenty of sunshine, choose a darker lens, such as rose or yellow lenses; for low-light conditions such as cloudy days, go for lighter lenses like clear or brown lenses. On top of that it is essential to opt for lenses that offer crystal-clear vision without compromising on optical quality. Otherwise, you won’t get any benefit from having OTG ski goggles!

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Ski goggles | SWANS

Skiing with your glasses on is a reality with OTG ski goggles. By improving on design, materials, and anti-fog capabilities, you can easily and comfortably enjoy your time on the slopes without having to worry about having to remove your glasses.

Whether you require prescription glasses or enjoy the extra protection of sunglasses when skiing, Swans OTG ski goggles provide the perfect combination of comfort and performance to help you ski your best. They offer an advanced level of protection, look and feel great and are built to last. So take a leap of faith and sport a pair of Swans OTG ski goggles on your next ski trip. You won’t regret it.

Ski goggles | SWANS

RACAN-XED Ice mirror x XED ULTRA light purple lens

The snow goggle “RACAN-XED” adopted heating system inside of the lens. The heated lens by lithium-ion battery gets rid of fog and freeze.

Ski goggles | SWANS

SWANS RIDGELINE-MDH-UL Light silver mirror x ULTRA light grey lens

SWANS ER-5 is a sunglass for daily use with square frames and adjustable nose pads. Classic frame design and color suit casual and even formal fashion styles.

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