The Different Types of Sunglasses for Sports and How to Choose the Right One

Sport sunglasses | SWANS

Ready to step up your outdoor game with a new pair of shades designed to match your active lifestyle? Whether you’re into running, cycling, skiing, or golfing, there’s a perfect pair of sports sunglasses waiting for you. But with so many options available, it can be challenging to know where to begin. Fear not, as we’ve got you covered! Say goodbye to compromise because you don’t have to choose between style, performance, or price – you can have it all. Let’s dive into the world of sports sunglasses and find the ideal match for your adventurous spirit. From the open road to the thrilling slopes, your next outdoor escapade awaits!

Sport Sunglasses: Why They Matter

Sport sunglasses aren’t just for looking cool—they serve an important purpose. 

UV Protection:

Sport sunglasses shield your eyes from harmful UV rays, which can cause eye conditions like cataracts and macular degeneration. High-quality sport sunglasses block more than 99% of UVA and UVB rays, ensuring optimal eye protection while you’re outdoors.

Enhanced Visual Clarity:

It utilizes advanced lens technology to reduce glare and improve visual clarity. Clear vision enhances your reaction time and overall performance in sports like tennis or outdoor activities like mountain biking.

Reduced Eye Fatigue:

Sport sunglasses combat eye fatigue caused by extended periods of physical activity. The lenses minimize light entering your eyes, helping you stay focused and perform at your best for longer.

Impact and Debris Protection:

They are built with durable materials and impact-resistant lenses to shield your eyes from flying objects and debris. They provide a protective barrier, allowing you to concentrate on your sport without worrying about eye hazards.

Comfort and Fit:

It is designed for a secure and comfortable fit during rigorous activities. Features like rubber nose pads, adjustable temple arms, and lightweight frames ensure stability and prevent slippage, enabling better focus and performance.

Sport sunglasses | SWANS

Types of Lenses: Polarized vs Non-Polarized

When it comes to sunglasses for sports, the type of lens is key. The two main options are polarized or non-polarized lenses.

  • Polarized lenses: Reduce glare from water, snow, and pavement. Ideal for activities like fishing, boating, driving, mountain biking and golfing. Allows clear vision beneath the water’s surface and minimizes eyestrain.
  • Non-polarized lenses: Suitable for general use and sports where glare is not a significant concern. Often more budget-friendly than polarized options.

The lens material also matters for sports eyewear. Polycarbonate lenses are impact-resistant and durable, ideal for tennis, basketball or cycling. High-index lenses are thinner and lighter while still, protective. Glass lenses have the best optics but less impact resistance.

When choosing between polarized or non-polarized lenses, think about your activity and needs. Either type will shield your eyes but polarized lenses combat glare for a crisper view. For the best performance and safety, look for sunglasses that block more than 99% of UVA/UVB rays. 

Additional Features to Consider

When choosing sunglasses for sports, consider additional features beyond basic UV protection and lens tint. The right extras can enhance your performance and safety.

Adjustable nose pads

Adjustable nose pads allow you to customize the fit of the sunglasses to your face. This prevents slipping and ensures maximum comfort during activity. For sports like running or cycling, a secure fit is essential.

Wrap-around temples 

Frames that wrap around the sides of your head offer increased protection from peripheral glare and impacts. Wrap-around sunglasses are ideal for sports where objects may hit your eyewear like cycling, tennis, or baseball.

Sport-Specific Sunglasses: Options for Running, Cycling, Swimming Etc.

Sport sunglasses | SWANS

Running Sunglasses

For runners, lightweight sunglasses that don’t bounce or slide are key. Look for sunglasses specifically designed for running or sports that are made of impact-resistant polycarbonate frames and lenses. Options like the SWANS SA-Move sunglasses are great for runners. Its lightweight design ensures freedom of movement without sacrificing a secure fit, making it perfect for runners and athletes. It also utilizes photochromic lenses that rapidly adjust to changing light conditions. This technology provides optimal vision and protects against harmful UV rays, offering clarity and eye safety.

Sport sunglasses | SWANS

Cycling Sunglasses

Cyclists need sunglasses to shield themselves from wind, dust, and sun at high speeds. Look for wrap-around sunglasses to protect from side glare and wind. Popular cycling sunglass recommendations include SWANS STRIX DA.

The model is an advanced sports sunglasses model designed with a unique shape that effectively prevents wind engulfing. With its comfortable fit and specialized features, these sunglasses are perfect for cycling. The ULTRA Rose Pink Lens, in particular, provides cyclists with enhanced vision, improved depth perception, and a heightened sense of safety. Elevate your performance and overcome obstacles. The ultimate choice for cyclists seeking advanced sport sunglasses.

Sport sunglasses | SWANS

Golfing Sunglasses

You should get polarized sunglasses as a golfer to reduce the glare you may experience when playing golf under intense sunlight. Surfaces like the water, sand traps, and well-kept glass on the golf course often reflect much light. For golfers, polarized sunglasses help reduce glare from the surfaces like the water, sand traps, and glass on the golf course. Look for sunglasses specifically made for golfers that have polarized polycarbonate lenses.

An option like the SWANS SA-Fit is an excellent choice for golfers seeking lightweight and comfortable sunglasses. With its adjustable nose pads and specialized ULTRA Ice blue lenses, it offers a comfortable fit and enhances visibility on the golf course. The polarized filter reduces glare, providing optimal visual clarity and reducing eye strain. 

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Sport sunglasses | SWANS

With all the essential information on choosing the perfect sunglasses for your sport, it’s time to equip yourself for athletic excellence. Whether you’re an experienced runner, golfer, cyclist, or skier, investing in high-quality, sport-specific shades is a game-changer. Your eyes will thank you as you focus on the joy of your sport and exceed your personal best. Embrace the outdoors, savor every moment, and don’t forget to don your stylish new shades. Victory and crystal-clear vision await your sporting adventures.

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