• Protect Your Eyes During the Summer Vacation

    Protect Your Eyes During the Summer Vacation

    Summer is here!

    This is the time we have all been waiting for. SUMMER! We’re pretty sure plans for the summer includes staying active and getting into our favourite outdoor activities. Importantly, protect your eyes in the Summer from harmful UV rays while you are enjoying.

    Ultraviolet (UV) radiation pose a dangerous threat to your eyes. Exposing your eyes for long periods may increase the risk of eye diseases and injuries. This includes Cateracts to eye cancer to blindness. Thus, protect your eyes with a reliable pair of sunglasses when you’re basking in the sun. With a good pair, vision is improved, and you’ll have a better view of what is in front of you to enjoy everything of the season.

    From fishing to driving, from golfing to swimming, the correct eyewear can lead a long way to protecting your eyes! Hey, we promise maximum comfort while doing it, and a little style doesn’t hurt too! Here are some popular SWANS products for the various activities to protect your eyes in the Summer:

    FISHING: SWANS SPB SPB-0701 Silver mirror x Smoke

    SWANS SPB is a sunglass that provides a comfortable fit for both men and women, perfect for fishing in the summer.

    GOLFING: SWANS FACEONE FO-3901 Blue mirror x Smoke

    SWANS FACEONE is a sports sunglass equipped with our unique technology “Grabbing Temple”, and giving you a clearest view to aim for that hole in one!

    CYCLING: SWANS CHALLENGER LI SIN-0151 Polarized Smoke (Double multi coating)

    SWANS CHALLENGER is a sports sunglass that can be adjusted to the shape of the user’s head with flexible temples, giving you an all-rounded view while you’re cycling.

    SWIMMING: SWANS SJ-8M SBFY Sky Blue Lensx Flash Yellow Mirror SWIM GOGGLE

    Easy adjustable system is adapted in this goggle and easily adjust the strap lengthen by themselves. Mirror goggles can reduce the glare.

    To every one enjoying the summer, let’s live our best life with SWANS!

  • How to Avoid Sports Eye Injuries

    How to Avoid Sports Eye Injuries

    From basketball, baseball, boxing to water and racquet sports, an overview of sports can potentially cause more than 40,000 eye injuries. You would be pleased to know that more than 90 percent of these injuries can be prevented.

    When it comes to sports eye injuries, or any injuries for that matter, we tend to overlook that some can potentially be of higher risk than others.  All the same, we want to do our best to protect our eyes and avoid anything from happening to them in the first place.

    Some more common injuries or issues include:

    • Eye swelling
      • This can potentially may occur when hit in eye, in sports activities. Some examples include a high-speed baseball hitting your face, getting punched hard in the face during a boxing match, or even getting hit by a high-speed tennis ball
      • What to do? Ice pack that swell as soon as possible!
    • Eye bleeding / Subconjunctival Hemorrhages
      • Involves a blood vessel bursting that lies between the white of the eye and its clear covering. 
      • Very common and can happen even in a minor injury to the eye.
      • What to do? Do not panic. The likely chances are it will be painless, does not cause temporary or permanent vision loss. Be patient, this will clear within a few weeks. 
    • Scratched Eye / Corneal Abrasion
      • Some common causes include your eye being poked, or rubbing your eye if there is a foreign body such as dust or sand present in your eye.
      • These can be very uncomfortable and can cause eye redness and severe sensitivity to the eye. 
      • These can also make your eye susceptible to infection from bacteria or a fungus and can be contagious.
      • What to do? It is better to seek consultation and treatment at the doctor’s clinic immediately. Based on how severe the situation is, your doctor would likely have to give you both eyedrops and antibiotics. Do not touch anything after rubbing your eye, and remember to keep washing your hands to avoid spreading to others. Lastly, wear sunglasses for the time being to prevent light from being too sensitive to your eye. It can be really uncomfortable.
    • Traumatic Iritis
      • Inflammation of the coloured part of the eye (iris) that surrounds the pupil and occurs after an eye injury. 
      • Some simple instances include getting poked in the eye, or receiving a blow to the eye with a blunt object
      • What to do? This requires treatment, so seek a professional doctor’s advice to avoid the risk of permanent decreased vision.
    • Skin Cancer
      • Yup the dreaded C. We don’t want to scare you with this, but cancer can happen at anytime to anyone. 
      • What to do? Well, whatever it is, let’s do our best to keep healthy and fit mentally and physically.

    We might have listed on what to look out for in the common sports injuries. However and always when in doubt, go see a professional eye doctor to have a better consultation and conclusion.

    SWANS has always made it our mission to consider different kinds of factors while designing our products. With carefully designed aesthetics, we want to provide you with the utmost comfort to work environments and weather conditions for leisure or sports professionals. We want to be part of your journey and compliment your sports activities. Over the years, we have brushed up on our technology to control light and rays, and providing comfortable eyewear for users. That’s not all! We have also deep-dived into different lens technologies for this, that includes UV blocking effects, polarized, photochromatic and ULTRA lenses, to name a few.  

    With the help of the right pair of eyewear, and mindfulness of the environment and surrounding conditions, this can go a long way when it comes to protecting your eyes and avoiding injuries when you are doing sports. 

    • Wear the right eye protection
    • For those in sports such as hockey, baseball, and lacrosse, remember to wear your helmet
    • Throw out old gear or gear that you already know might not be of use to you (don’t be a hoarder!)
    • Know that some glasses just won’t cut it for such activities, so let go and invest in a pair of glasses which will be sure to protect your eyes. 

    Here are SWANS’ top picks for different sports activities:

    SWANS FACEONE FO-3501 Red shadow mirror x Smoke

    SWANS FACEONE is a sports sunglass equipped with our unique technology “Grabbing Temple”.

    SWANS ER-5 AMZ-ER5-0065 CBR Polarized Light brown lens

    SWANS ER-5 is a sunglass for daily use with square frames and adjustable nose pads. Classic frame design and color suit casual and even formal fashion styles.

  • SWANS’ Photochromic Lenses

    SWANS’ Photochromic Lenses
    You’ve probably seen Photochromic Lenses mentioned often on our website, but what exactly are they?

    We understand, most people who are unfamiliar with lens technology terms would reject the idea of something unheard of. The more common term you’ll probably be familiar with is ‘Transition Lenses’. It’s most distinctive feature – Lenses darken on exposure to light of sufficiently high frequency, most commonly ultraviolet rays. In the absence of an activating light, the lenses change to a clear state once again, allowing for convenience and comfort in sight to the wearer, as well as avoiding having too much of either dark of bright sight.

    If you head to any eyewear shop to purchase sunglasses, you will see that these lenses are made of either glass, polycarbonate and other forms of plastic. These options might only be scratching the surface (pun intended?), meaning that if your glasses were damaged, the likely chance is they are likely going to be affected for use and your investment on a pair of glasses goes to waste.

    SWANS has always had a focus in eye protection from harmful UV rays to protection in weather conditions. SWANS’ Photochromic lenses comes from the photochromic sheet which is inserted into the lens. This sheet responds to the amount of UV light and changes its color accordingly. That is why a photochromic lens can fit any climate condition.

    On a daily basis, you might have experienced a day that has a mix of rain and sun, or even being indoors and outdoors a lot. You’re probably thinking it is a hassle to bring 2 different types of glasses out, one for indoors and one for outdoors. That’s the beauty of Photochromic lenses. We’ve got you covered in this aspect, and we make it as comfortable possible for you. As we cannot always predict and prepare for these situations, this photochromic feature is really useful.

    With our advanced and constantly improving technology, SWANS’ Photochromic Lenses (and might we add proven) is an optic glasses coating in the form of a sheet that is sandwiched in between your actual lenses. Yes! You read right. Even if you have an accident with your glasses, it will not be completely damaged due to our Film Insert Technology. Unless your lenses get scratched, SWANS Photochromic lenses will still be effective, and your eyes will still be protected. 

    With what we have just shared, we have something to top it off. Our high-quality Photochromic lenses are not just for sunglasses. Our swimming goggles and snow goggles also have Photochromic lenses — All in the name of protecting your eyes and accompanying you on your adventures 😉 

    Check out some of our recommended Photochromic Lenses in our store:

    SWANS RIDGELINE-MDH-CMIT MIT red x Photochromic light smoke lens

    Snow goggle which has a wider visibility and distinctive ventilating function called “A-Blow System”. This product also can be used while wearing eyeglasses. SWANS peculiar anti-fog technology Premium Anti-Fog (PAF) is also applied to keep your visibility clearer.

    SWANS SABE-0066 DMSM2 Photochromic Clear to Smoke

    A light sunglass with large lenses that protects from UV rays. Adjustable nose pads allow you to freely adjust the fit.

    SWANS CHALLENGER LI SIN-0066 Photochromic Clear to Smoke

    A sports sunglass that can be adjusted to the shape of the user’s head with flexible temples. The frame design that wraps your head prevents slippage and provides a comfortable fit. It is a basic model that secures the vision required by the user and gives maximum support for your performance.

    SWANS SPB SPB-0066 Photochromic Clear to Smoke

    Provides a comfortable fit for both men and women. Easy lens detachable system is also applied on this product.

  • Boost up Your Record with Improved Posture

    Boost up Your Record with Improved Posture

    Having trouble improving your personal best when it comes to freestyle swimming?

    There are plenty of conventional ways to hit a faster record from training diligently and consistently, to building up more stamina and muscles to enhancing the flexibility of your body. Little do you know, perhaps you don’t have to look too far or overthink the situation. 

    Instead, look at yourself in the mirror. It could be as simple as improving your posture. Yes, really. The most fundamental way to brush up on your swim is as basic as your posture. Bad posture connects to bigger water flow resistance, and the need for more energy put in in order to swim. To achieve a faster or improved PB, lower water resistance and more propulsion are needed. So what do you do?

    Before you take a swim, have an internal body scan and ask yourself, do you have the Swimmer’s Slouch? When it comes to swimming, that slightly hunched-over posture is not exactly the coolest. Most of us already spend most of the day hunched over at a computer, driving, using our mobile phones and even feeling lazy which is perfectly normal. … Although that means you might be slouching before you even get to a swim practice, yikes!

    Good swimming posture is exactly the same as having good walking, standing and sitting posture. Some tips on making sure you keep your posture in check:

    • Roll your shoulders up and back every few hours.
    • Doing rows on a rowing machine at the gym can help maintain a balance in upper body muscles.
    • Integrative strengthening helps in building up your core and hip reflexes (it’s all connected to your posture, how amazing is our body?)
    • Any posture drills which can help get your shoulders back.

    Our new swimming goggle “IGNITION” also helps to solve this too. For normal swimming goggles, most swimmers end up having to raise their heads to see the forward side and as a result, their posture is affected. With SWANS’ IGNITION, its distinct inclined lens enables you to keep 0 degrees of your head position even when you are looking forward. And yes, you guessed it, your posture is not compensated. 


    Specialized for Freestyle. The lens shape tilted forward to keep the head trunk axis at 0 degree and keep easy to make the streamline.


    Specialized for Freestyle. The lens shape tilted forward to keep the head trunk axis at 0 degree and keep easy to make the streamline.

  • The Best Places to Visit for Winter Sports Activities

    The Best Places to Visit for Winter Sports Activities

    A winter vacation is one of the best getaways we can have. There is no better therapy than spending your vacation skiing, snowboarding, and simply enjoying the extravagant scenery and open air.  

    We have put together a list of places around the world, where you can head to and enjoy your winter activities (and in no particular order).

    Whistler Blackcomb, Canada

    Photo credits: https://www.whistlerblackcomb.com/

    Located in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, Whistler Blackcomb is the largest ski resort in North America with the greatest uphill lift capacity. The resort features the Peak 2 Peak Gondola connecting Whistler and Blackcomb mountains at the top. Whistler Blackcomb is one of the busiest ski resorts, thus attracting more than 2 million visitors a year.

    Zermatt, Switzerland

    Zermatt in the Swiss Alps is a village that overlooks the Matterhorn, in turn creating one of the most unique alpine landscapes in Europe. Go skiing, explore the hiking trails, explore upwards to the mountains by cable car and train, or simply soak in the sights on the streets of Zermatt. There are three key mountain peaks to explore from Zermatt: Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, Gornergrat and Rothorn. Pick one or pick them all! Zermatt is Switzerland’s highest ski resort. Did we mention that the slopes are open throughout the year?

    Aspen Snowmass, USA

    Snowmass is a resort in Colorado, USA. It is the largest of the four Aspen & Snowmass mountains. The mountain is known for its wide cruiser runs, family-friendly atmosphere, and ski-lodging. The resort is known for an extensive skiing terrain. It also has the most vertical feel of skiing in any ski area in the United States.

    Val d’Isère, France

    Photo credits: https://www.valdisere.com/en/

    A very popular winter holiday destination in the Savoy Alps, the Val d’Isère and Tignes offers skiing for beginners and experts. Val d’Isère nestles amidst the mountain tops on the border of the Vanoise National Park. It is a highly sought after destination for the great outdoors with its lush green scenery, slopes and (might we add) charming atmosphere. Aside from skiing, other alpine activities offered here are road biking up the Iseran mountain pass, mountain biking in the Bike Park, and mountain hiking.

    Niseko, Japan

    Photo credits: https://niseko-village.com/en/

    Closer to SWANS’ home, Niseko is the one of the most famous ski resort in Japan. It attracts a large number of tourists from the skiing and snowboarding community. Known for being very accessible and welcoming to foreign visitors, Niseko is known for their light powder snow, long ski runs and plenty of after-ski activities.

    On top of that, Niseko offers is a unique activity — Off trail skiing, which is not commonly found in other ski resorts. Explore the backcountry via guided tours and helicopter tours.

    There are three major resorts located in Niseko- Grand Hirafu, Niseko Village and Annupuri. The resorts are joined at the top of the Mount Niseko-Annupuri mountain.

    Hakuba, Japan

    One more from Japan which we couldn’t resist sharing! Hakuba is located in the Northern Alps of Nagano Prefecture. It is one of Japan’s most popular ski areas. Known for good snow and several ski resorts, Hakuba has been the location for several competitions. This includes alpine and Nordic, during the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics, to name a few.

    Hakuba is easily accessible from Tokyo, as well as from the Nagoya and Kansai regions. It offers skiing and snowboarding, along with Japanese onsen (hot springs), which is available throughout. Hakuba has a large number of major resorts you can pick from during your visit there.

    Mt Hotham, Australia

    Hotham is easily accessible from Melbourne city. It is nestled amongst the Victorian Alps of the Great Dividing Range. It is best known for its spectacular views and a huge 320 hectares of ski terrain. From simple slopes to more challenging terrains, Hotham, the ‘Powder Capital of Australia’, is perfect for every one, from beginners to experts alike. Hotham offers family-friendly activities like to bogganing, dog sled tours and snow mobile rides.

    Why not pick out some of our gear to accompany you on your journey?

  • Why Protecting Your Eyes from UV is Important

    Why Protecting Your Eyes from UV is Important

    We have always made it our mission to consider different kinds of factors while designing our products. From aesthetics, to comfort to work environments and weather conditions, for leisure or sports professionals, we’ve got you covered in complimenting your sports activities. Over the years, we have brushed up on our technology to control light and rays, and providing comfortable eyewear for users. That’s not all! We have also deep-dived into different lens technologies for this, that includes UV blocking effects, polarized, photochromatic and ULTRA lenses, to name a few.  

    This week we touch on the #1 common topic when it comes to outdoor activities – protecting your eyes from ultraviolet (UV) rays. 

    We would think that it’s important for us to take in a bit of Vitamin D a day. We’ve also all heard the standard reminders of how important it is to wear sunblock when you are out and about, be it for leisure or sports activities included. Little did you know, UV rays can cause severe damage to not only your skin but to your eyes as well. The light and heat from the Sun are all due to UV, and how radiation is emitted. 

    Exposure of your eyes to strong sunlight over a long period of time results in more than just a painful irritation. It is also a cause of disabilities to your eyes, with the potential of increased risk to the following: 

    1. Corneal sunburn, also known as keratitis, 
    2. Skin cancers on your eyelids and around your eyes
    3. Conjunctival cancer
    4. Pterygium, a common growth of tissue around the eye area
    5. Cataracts and related progressive vision loss
    6. Macular degeneration
    7. Signs of premature ageing around your eyes

    With the help of the right (SWANS, perhaps?) pair of eyewear, and mindfulness of the environment and surrounding conditions, this can go a long way when it comes to protecting your eyes. All lenses used in SWANS products (with the exception of some special-purpose Yamamoto products) block 99.9% or more harmful UV rays, no matter which lens colour you choose. Other tips on protecting your eyes from UV:

    • Never look directly into the Sun
    • Stay cool and safeguard your eyes
    • Shade your eyes with hats, sun shades or umbrellas 
    • Protect the rest of your body with sunblock that has an SPF of 15 or higher

    Check out some of our top picks below:

  • What is SWANS?

    What is SWANS?

    Hello! We are SWANS. We’re so pleased you’ve found us here. 

    If you’re wondering, “What exactly is SWANS?” Well, we are here to introduce ourselves through this blog that we’ve just started. SWANS is a Japanese eyewear brand by Yamamoto Kogaku Co., Ltd, with our main office located in Osaka, Japan. We pride ourselves in supporting every one who loves and enjoys sports with high-quality products that compliment your sports activities. 

    Back in 1911, we started out as a company producing safety glasses and shield glasses to protect the eye from powder and harmful light in the military and construction industries. Over 100 years later, we have evolved into a humble operation, brushing up our technology that allows us to control light and rays, and providing comfortable and aesthetically pleasing eyewear for users.

    SWANS was founded in 1972, to cater to the sports audience. From the likes of sunglasses, goggles, helmets, eye guards, swimming caps, down to activity focus such as running, swimming, golf and skiing, our products maintain the precise and high quality standards of not just safety, but also provides functions and aesthetics for across the global market, for both leisure sports and professional athletes alike. 

    Over 110 years later, we’re still at it and proud to be here with you. We have even modernized our main concept to now focus on “Comfortable Safety”. We are so excited to expand our reach out of Japan and into worldwide. Be it old friends or new, we look forward to meeting all of you. From here on out, get to know us a little better as we share our stories, some tongue-in-cheek tips for sports activities related, and opinion pieces from our friends while growing our SWANS community together. 

    If you haven’t already, follow us on our social media platforms:



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