Snow Goggles Technologies: Anti-Fog, Ventilation System, and UV Protection

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Have you ever hit the slopes only to have your goggles fog up and obscure your vision after a few runs? Or found your eyes stinging from the sun’s harsh rays reflecting off the bright white snow? Modern snow goggle technology has come a long way to solve these common problems and make your days on the mountain more comfortable and enjoyable. New anti-fog and ventilation systems keep your view clear while innovative UV protection helps prevent eye strain and damage. Read on to learn about the latest snow goggle technologies that are total partner  for skiers and snowboarders. By the time you’ve finished this article, you’ll be ready to upgrade your gear and experience a whole new level of performance and comfort the next time you hit the slopes.

Anti-Fog Technology in Snow Goggles

If you’ve ever dealt with foggy goggles while skiing or snowboarding, you know how annoying it can be. Luckily, many snow goggles now come with anti-fog technology to prevent moisture buildup and keep your vision clear.

Anti-fog coatings like polyurethane or silicone are applied directly to the lens. As the goggles warm up from your body heat, these coatings prevent tiny water droplets from forming and clouding your view. Professional brands offer snow goggles treated with advanced anti-fog technology for the most effective prevention.

Ventilation Systems That Prevent Fogging

To prevent fogging up and keep your vision clear, the right snow goggles need an effective ventilation system. The best models offer:

• Dual lens ventilation – Tiny holes or slits inside of the lens allow airflow to the lens, reducing fog buildup.

• Foam padding – Foam layers between the lenses also help since they absorb moisture. Look for goggles with breathable, high-quality foam that’s firmly sealed around the lenses.

• Adjustable straps – Straps that fit snugly and adjustable straps let you customize the fit for maximum comfort and ventilation.

• Mesh vents – Some goggles have mesh-covered vents on the sides to let air flow through. 

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UV Protection

When participating in snow sports, UV protection is crucial. The snow reflects up to 80% of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, intensifying your exposure. At higher altitudes, less of the atmosphere filters out UV radiation, increasing your risk of sun damage.

Your eyes are also at risk from UV radiation. Too much sun exposure can lead to vision issues like cataracts, macular degeneration, and growth in the eyes. Snow goggles with more than 99% UV protection will safeguard your eyesight and reduce the chances of long-term damage from UV rays.

Snow goggles that specifically labeled as offering “UV 400” or more than 99% UV protection block both UVA and UVB rays. UV 400 equal to more than 99% UV protection that able to fully shield your eyes and the skin around them.

Other Important Technologies: Scratch Resistance and Impact Protection


High-quality snow goggles are coated with scratch-resistant treatments to protect the lens surface. SWANS claritex coatings help prevent scratches from tree branches, icy snow particles, and impacts. Look for goggles that specifically mention “scratch-resistant” or “anti-scratch” lenses. The coating should also protect against minor scuffs and abrasions from normal use over time.

Without a scratch-resistant coating, the lens can become scratched and visibility impaired. Small scratches scatter light and obscure your vision, while deep scratches can weaken the lens. For the best protection, choose a reputable brand of goggles that uses high-tech lens materials and coatings. 

Impact Protection

For sports like skiing and snowboarding where high speeds and jumps are involved, impact protection is essential. Impact-resistant lenses and frames prevent the goggles from shattering upon high-force collisions. Polycarbonate is a popular lens material because it is nearly unbreakable. Frames may also have additional reinforcement in vulnerable areas like the bridge of the nose or near the strap attachments.

Without proper impact protection, a collision or bad fall could send lens or frame fragments into your eyes. At a minimum, look for goggles clearly rated for high-impact sports. For the best safety, choose a goggles rated for your particular snow sport. 

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Discover the latest advancements in snow goggle technologies designed to ensure your eyes remain happy and protected throughout the season on the slopes.  Swans offers cutting-edge snow goggles equipped with built-in features such as anti-fogging, ventilation, and UV protection, allowing you to focus on carving through fresh powder instead of fussing with your gear. Whether you prefer a high-tech model with all the extras or a simple, efficient design, having the right snow goggles is crucial for a thrilling and safe mountain experience. Embrace the call of the snow and set forth with confidence! With Swans as your trusted companion, you’re fully equipped to conquer every exhilarating run with unmatched clarity and comfort.

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The snow goggle “RIDGELINE” has a wider sight and is compatible with glasses. It equips unique ventilating function “A-Blow”. Adopting Photochromic ULTRA LENS.

ski goggles | SWANS

SWANS 634-XED Shadow mirror x XED pink lens

SWANS XED series adopted heating system inside of the lens. The heated lens by lithium-ion battery gets rid of fog and freeze.

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