SWANS’ Photochromic Lenses

You’ve probably seen Photochromic Lenses mentioned often on our website, but what exactly are they?

We understand, most people who are unfamiliar with lens technology terms would reject the idea of something unheard of. The more common term you’ll probably be familiar with is ‘Transition Lenses’. It’s most distinctive feature – Lenses darken on exposure to light of sufficiently high frequency, most commonly ultraviolet rays. In the absence of an activating light, the lenses change to a clear state once again, allowing for convenience and comfort in sight to the wearer, as well as avoiding having too much of either dark of bright sight.

If you head to any eyewear shop to purchase sunglasses, you will see that these lenses are made of either glass, polycarbonate and other forms of plastic. These options might only be scratching the surface (pun intended?), meaning that if your glasses were damaged, the likely chance is they are likely going to be affected for use and your investment on a pair of glasses goes to waste.

SWANS has always had a focus in eye protection from harmful UV rays to protection in weather conditions. SWANS’ Photochromic lenses comes from the photochromic sheet which is inserted into the lens. This sheet responds to the amount of UV light and changes its color accordingly. That is why a photochromic lens can fit any climate condition.

On a daily basis, you might have experienced a day that has a mix of rain and sun, or even being indoors and outdoors a lot. You’re probably thinking it is a hassle to bring 2 different types of glasses out, one for indoors and one for outdoors. That’s the beauty of Photochromic lenses. We’ve got you covered in this aspect, and we make it as comfortable possible for you. As we cannot always predict and prepare for these situations, this photochromic feature is really useful.

With our advanced and constantly improving technology, SWANS’ Photochromic Lenses (and might we add proven) is an optic glasses coating in the form of a sheet that is sandwiched in between your actual lenses. Yes! You read right. Even if you have an accident with your glasses, it will not be completely damaged due to our Film Insert Technology. Unless your lenses get scratched, SWANS Photochromic lenses will still be effective, and your eyes will still be protected. 

With what we have just shared, we have something to top it off. Our high-quality Photochromic lenses are not just for sunglasses. Our swimming goggles and snow goggles also have Photochromic lenses — All in the name of protecting your eyes and accompanying you on your adventures 😉 

Check out some of our recommended Photochromic Lenses in our store:

SWANS RIDGELINE-MDH-CMIT MIT red x Photochromic light smoke lens

Snow goggle which has a wider visibility and distinctive ventilating function called “A-Blow System”. This product also can be used while wearing eyeglasses. SWANS peculiar anti-fog technology Premium Anti-Fog (PAF) is also applied to keep your visibility clearer.

SWANS SABE-0066 DMSM2 Photochromic Clear to Smoke

A light sunglass with large lenses that protects from UV rays. Adjustable nose pads allow you to freely adjust the fit.

SWANS CHALLENGER LI SIN-0066 Photochromic Clear to Smoke

A sports sunglass that can be adjusted to the shape of the user’s head with flexible temples. The frame design that wraps your head prevents slippage and provides a comfortable fit. It is a basic model that secures the vision required by the user and gives maximum support for your performance.

SWANS SPB SPB-0066 Photochromic Clear to Smoke

Provides a comfortable fit for both men and women. Easy lens detachable system is also applied on this product.

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