Protect Your Eyes During the Summer Vacation

Summer is here!

This is the time we have all been waiting for. SUMMER! We’re pretty sure plans for the summer includes staying active and getting into our favourite outdoor activities. Importantly, protect your eyes in the Summer from harmful UV rays while you are enjoying.

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation pose a dangerous threat to your eyes. Exposing your eyes for long periods may increase the risk of eye diseases and injuries. This includes Cateracts to eye cancer to blindness. Thus, protect your eyes with a reliable pair of sunglasses when you’re basking in the sun. With a good pair, vision is improved, and you’ll have a better view of what is in front of you to enjoy everything of the season.

From fishing to driving, from golfing to swimming, the correct eyewear can lead a long way to protecting your eyes! Hey, we promise maximum comfort while doing it, and a little style doesn’t hurt too! Here are some popular SWANS products for the various activities to protect your eyes in the Summer:

FISHING: SWANS SPB SPB-0701 Silver mirror x Smoke

SWANS SPB is a sunglass that provides a comfortable fit for both men and women, perfect for fishing in the summer.

GOLFING: SWANS FACEONE FO-3901 Blue mirror x Smoke

SWANS FACEONE is a sports sunglass equipped with our unique technology “Grabbing Temple”, and giving you a clearest view to aim for that hole in one!

CYCLING: SWANS CHALLENGER LI SIN-0151 Polarized Smoke (Double multi coating)

SWANS CHALLENGER is a sports sunglass that can be adjusted to the shape of the user’s head with flexible temples, giving you an all-rounded view while you’re cycling.

SWIMMING: SWANS SJ-8M SBFY Sky Blue Lensx Flash Yellow Mirror SWIM GOGGLE

Easy adjustable system is adapted in this goggle and easily adjust the strap lengthen by themselves. Mirror goggles can reduce the glare.

To every one enjoying the summer, let’s live our best life with SWANS!

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